Choosing a Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic

Here is the link to an interesting and informative article called 10 Steps To Finding A Qualified Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist by Lorenzo Kunze that covers the most important points for choosing a laser tattoo removal clinic. Remember that this is a specialised treatment that is just as important (if not more important) as choosing the right tattooist. Not only has the clinician to be proficient in the use of lasers but the laser itself must be of a standard to successfully remove the tattoo without causing damage to the skin. Please note that the author of this paper uses a Quanta Q Plus C, as we also do at The Laser Clinic.

New Website

Website Training This is Sean from Neighbrhood handing over our wonderful new website and giving us the tools to keep it updated. This is our first website development and we found it a quite daunting. However thanks to the experts like Sean and Matthew we now have a great design and a functional tool for the public to find out all they need about us at The Laser Clinic.