The Laser Clinic


The Laser Clinic is committed to being the best laser tattoo removal service in Wellington. We have sourced the ultimate in laser technology and you will be treated by a Registered Nurse with specialised training and experience in tattoo removal.

Whether you require an upgrade to existing artistry or your design has fallen out of favour, we can fade or totally remove your old tattoo leaving either a basis for rework or your natural skin utilising our ‘best in class’ laser technology.

We take your comfort seriously and use a cyro-chiller to cool the skin before, during and after treatment to reduce heat build-up of the tissue, ensuring your experience is as comfortable as possible.

Our free consultation will provide you with the peace of mind and the information you need to make your decision about tattoo removal.

Our Laser

The Quanta Q-Plus C Laser System from Italy is the most advanced, powerful and safest Q-switched laser that offers three wavelengths to effectively erase all colours.




After treatment